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Maria Trepp
Maria Trepp

I am an independent psychologist The Hague with my own practice and a lecturer in psychology at the Master’s program in Applied Psychology (Master Class in Clinical, Social, Cognitive Psychology, Professional Counseling, Behavioral Influencing). As a psychologist, I am also trained in cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and have long-term experience in guiding behavioral change.


In my online coaching and in-person coaching (as a coach and as a walking coach) I focus on personal development, vitality support and sustainable employability. This includes resilience, healthy productivity, motivation, flow, engagement and engagement within the framework of positive psychology and solution-focused therapy.


My areas of focus as a psychologist are lifestyle (eating, sleeping, exercise, rest and meditation), sustainability, prevention, problem solving and cognitive behavioral interventions.

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*By lifestyle, I mean the way people plan their daily lives and the impact on their well-being. I pay attention to aspects such as nutrition, sleep, exercise, relaxation and meditation. I believe a healthy lifestyle contributes to better mental health and resilience.

>*By sustainability, I mean caring for the environment and the future of our planet. I think it is important to make people aware of the impact of their behavior on the climate and nature. I encourage people to make sustainable choices that are good for themselves and for the world.

*By prevention, I mean preventing mental health problems or reducing their severity. I focus on strengthening the positive factors that protect people from stress and adversity. I give people tips and advice to improve their coping skills and increase their social support.

>*By problem solving, I mean helping people address their challenges and conflicts in a constructive way. I teach people how to analyze their problems and set goals. People learn to devise and evaluate solutions and take action. I encourage people to think creatively and flexibly and broaden their perspective.

>*By cognitive behavioral interventions, I mean influencing people’s thoughts, feelings and behaviors that impede or hinder them. I use techniques such as cognitive restructuring, behavioral experiments and mindfulness. In this way, people can learn to break their negative patterns and harness their positive potential.

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maria.trepp at gmail.com

 tel. 070-7506286 of (+31zero-six)24621155

(I am often in conversation or teaching, please send an email or message or whatsapp)

Please make an appointment for free introduction in my practice in the center of The Hague behind the Brouwersgracht or during a walk in one of The Hague’s beautiful parks (Wassenaaar and Voorschoten is also possible)

via maria.trepp at gmail.com

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